30 March 2020: Post-Incident Report – Studentnet experienced an outage to Single Sign-On services while reconfiguring to allow for massive unexpected logon activity. Investigation discovered an app at a school that was incorrectly generating huge volumes of authentications, which led to the effective denial-of-service situation.

October 2019: Macleay College – "Just a quick email to let you know that I am very satisfied with the service Cloudworks provide, all your team are very helpful and recently Justin has shown great amount of care to assist me in configuring new service. He is so professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Congratulations on the great team."
Saif Samaan, Head of IT, Macleay College, October 2019

18 Sep 2018: Studentnet has created an innovative SSO bridge for VINE, the Victorian ICT Network for Education, to allow SSO between currently incompatible Wild Apricot and Discourse software. See the response from VINE.

06 Sep 2018: NT Lan Manager (NTLM) authentication is currently being abused to harvest user credentials, so CERT Australia has prepared a list of recommendations for techniques to mitigate NTLM abuse.

30 Aug 2018 – Studentnet and Elcom Press Release
Elcom Technology (Elcom), specialists delivering portal, intranet and website solutions through their Digital Engagement Platform, has partnered with Studentnet, a leading provider of identity management services to schools through its Cloudwork product. Through this partnership, Studentnet will provide authentication and authorisation services for Elcom solutions. Schools who choose Elcom and Studentnet benefit from significant increases in administration speed and efficiency; streamlining the process of maintaining identity for thousands of students, parents and staff, and the school communication and information they have access to. Read more ...

06 Mar 2018 – Studentnet and Koha for Schools: The Koha library system in use at Sydney’s St Luke’s Grammar School has now been integrated with the school's SAML-based Single Sign-on system. SAML is a protocol that enables seamless single sign-on between multiple applications. At the core of the system is an identity provider (IDP) who provides a certificate on demand to each application the user visits. Now, St Luke’s students who access the school's IT applications are automatically logged in to other applications they visit in the same session. St Luke’s uses Studentnet for the provision of IDP services. Adding Koha was a straightforward matter of configuration and testing, involving collaboration between systems professionals at St Luke’s, Koha for Schools and Studentnet.

15 Feb 2018 – Notifiable Data Breaches: On 22 February 2018, a new Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme will come into force which makes it compulsory for schools to notify specific types of data breaches to the individuals affected and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
Find out more here and provide us with the details of your school's privacy contact person