Latest Studentnet News

06 Mar 2018 – Studentnet and Koha for Schools: The Koha library system in use at Sydney’s St Luke’s Grammar School has now been integrated with the school's SAML-based Single Sign-on system. SAML is a protocol that enables seamless single sign-on between multiple applications. At the core of the system is an identity provider (IDP) who provides a certificate on demand to each application the user visits. Now, St Luke’s students who access the school's IT applications are automatically logged in to other applications they visit in the same session. St Luke’s uses Studentnet for the provision of IDP services. Adding Koha was a straightforward matter of configuration and testing, involving collaboration between systems professionals at St Luke’s, Koha for Schools and Studentnet.

15 Feb 2018 – Notifiable Data Breaches: On 22 February 2018, a new Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme will come into force which makes it compulsory for schools to notify specific types of data breaches to the individuals affected and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
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