Cloudwork Implementation with Burgmann Anglican School

What did Burgmann require?
Burgmann Anglican School is a large co-educational independent school located in Gungahlin, ACT, with two campuses teaching children at all levels from early childhood to senior school. Its parents, students, staff and members of the broader community contribute to the learning programs in many ways.

Mr Steve Carter, Director of eLearning, was working on compliance policy. He said, "We needed to sort out conflicts with account provisioning. The Help Desk didn't have the experience so we reached out to an external source to implement Complispace, which provides governance, risk and compliance programs. Complispace theselves suggested we speak to Studentnet."

What could Studentnet offer?
Studentnet provides managed computing services to independent schools, and has been doing so for over twenty years. Studentnet's flagship functionality is its Cloudwork identity management service, tackling the problem of the multiple identities required by educational software. This complexity is compounded by the large numbers of students and staff requiring account access both on and off campus, as well as services offered to parents and alumni.

What did Studentnet do?
Mr David Robertson, Senior Technology Architect at Studentnet said, "Burgmann made it clear in their initial discussions they had an immediate need to get Complispace working as quickly as possible, which we did. We started discussions on requirements on 3 March 2016, and the initial setup with configuration and connections to Burgmann began on 8 March. The configuration was sent to Complispace on 9 March, completed at their end by 11th, and the service was operational and in use by 14 March."

What was the implementation like for Burgmann?
Steve Carter: "Our experience of the initial setup made the business manager very happy! It happened very quickly – David Robertson was fantastic. There was no disruption, it just all worked. We went from needing separate logins for all services, to just a single login for each user. The system administrator for Schoolbox said it was a great experience, and David always got back on any query."

What further integration took place in Phase Two?
Steve Carter: "In teleconference with Kevin Karp (Studentnet CEO) he mentioned a number of other Cloudwork services they'd integrated with Complispace. When we heard they could offer Schoolbox and Synergetic Commmunity Portal - bang, it was just what we wanted."

David Robertson: "In April we added Schoolbox, Synergetic Commmunity Portal, SynWeb, Office365 and Google Apps Syncing. Other services include parent provisioning, with multiple login vectors depending on user. After the initial implementation, the other services were all put into place with two weeks of Phase Two beginning. Burgmann went from a position of identity disorganisation to one where all services are fueled by a single identity for each user."

What was Burgmann's experience of Studentnet?
Steve Carter: "Studentnet were very helpful and Kevin gave us a complete outline beforehand. Next year we plan to add more Google services, and we expect this is going to be a productive long term relationship. The pricing is excellent and very affordable too."

"A pleasant surprise was finding out that Studentnet have integrated so many educational products – they don't just offer a single service and claim it can do everything. Also important is the fact they already know people in the education companies, so they have relationships set up with all the stakeholders. I'd certainly recommend Studentnet and Cloudwork to other schools, and in fact already have."