Studentnet provides two User Demos to show how simple and convenient Cloudwork is for users themselves, and two Administrator Demos that illustrate the discreet, easy management of user accounts:

  • Users - Single Sign-On

    See how users can log into one Cloudwork service, then jump directly to other services without any more logins.
  • Users - Password Control

    See how users can change their password in one Cloudwork service and have it instantly changed in the others.
  • Administrators - Managing Accounts

    Find out how an administrator can simply alter or update a Cloudwork user's password when required.
  • Administrators - Supervising Accounts

    Find out how an administrator can easily check a Cloudwork user's account for possible misuse.

For access to these demonstrations, you must FIRST CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A USERNAME AND PASSWORD. One of our senior staff will contact you with your own private access credentials and offer guidance with the demos.