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8 June 2011

Come and test the new Internet on World IPv6 Day: Wednesday June 8, 2011

Studentnet is proud to announce that we have been working with 2 schools preparing them to use Studentnet's Nextmail Collaboration accounts to formally participate in ISOC Australia's contribution to World IPv6 Day on June 8, 2011. Many thanks to Simon, and Peter, from  Waverley College and Wollondilly Anglican College, respectively, for working with us on this exciting event .

Each of these schools has made available a class of eager students primed with the aim of testing the new IPv6-based Internet. A year 11 class from Waverley and a year 6 class from Wollondilly will be doing their best to see what works (and what doesn't!) on the World's major Internet sites that have committed to be accessible using IPv6 on the day.

Representatives from ISOC, ISOC-AU and the Asia-Pacific IPv6 Forum will be on hand to lend guidance and assistance to the students and to observe the results.

But it's not too late for your school to come and help us break Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and many more, on IPv6.

Listed below are ways (and how-to's) for you to prepare for your school's involvement:

1. Make your school's web site IPv6 accessible:
- Register for a NoFrills Instant6 account at (
- If you require assistance updating your DNS with a AAAA record, we have dual stacked DNS's ready to help out. Feel free to contact us

2. Accessing the IPv6 internet for you and your students:
- If you are an existing Studentnet Nextmail Collaboration account customer you are already registered for IPv6 access. Simply download the tunnel client software and use your existing Nextmail account user name and password:
- Newcomers can obtain a free IPv6 tunnel account from IPv6Now, here's the link:

3. Test the world's major web sites on IPv6. Use your newly found access to try and break the world's IPv6 implementations on the day: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 after 10am AEST.

4. Report your results: Did you find a problem with an IPv6 web site? Studentnet is collating the experiences of users from around the world. Report your results at

IPv6 is only one of the leading edge Internet facilities that Studentnet's education network service can provide to you and your school. We offer a full range of cloud based services including Virtual Servers, Co-Location (CoLo and MoLo), Internet access and connectivity, Security and Firewall services, availability monitoring, email, DR and backup, AD integration, and identity management.

Our implementation support team is available to assist you with your questions and we'd really like to hear your suggestions on achieving a better future. Contact us on (02) 9281 1626 or via email:

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