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6 May 2011

Disaster Recovery , Remote Offsite Backups for your School's onsite Data

Schools generate huge amounts of important data just in the course of their normal day-to-day activities. Backing up that data in a secure, reliable, and easily recoverable fashion is a major issue.

Studentnet now offers a cloud based backup service that automatically accesses your school's nominated backup directory and securely transmits and backs it up to our Sempernet Datacentre located inside Globalswitch-Sydney - the largest and most secure server facility in the southern hemisphere.

Studentnet DR Backup is a part of our Nextbase Infrastructure product line. It includes the following features:
  • School collects and collates all of the data required to be backed up in a shared folder for the purpose
  • On a nightly schedule Studentnet intelligently, and securely, transmits and stores the designated directory to its datacentre
  • Zero footprint on existing school servers, no requirement to install a software client
  • OS Independent: Backups can be created from Windows, Linux and Mac servers
  • School IT administrator has access to all backed up data via a secure web interface
  • School IT administrator has a web based configuration facility to vary the number of versions retained and the length of storage
  • Only changed or newly created documents are transmitted in the nightly backup transfer
  • All backups are held and securely stored in our dedicated local Australian based facility
  • Optional: initial backup set can be established by transportation of physical media
  • Optional: physical backup sets can be generated and transported at any time
Our DR Backup facility is now installed in production and ready for you to use.

Nextmail Backup for your School's Cloud Data

Studentnet's new Google docs backup feature, developed specifically for our NextMail users, has now been released into production.

As you all know, Google Apps is a popular way for staff, administrators and teachers to create, share and collaboratively work on new and existing documents whether they be word processing, spreadsheets or presentations. Of course the school has a great deal of interest in preserving the intellectual property asset represented by this work. Studentnet's Nextmail now relieves IT administrators of the burdensome task of ensuring that adequate off-site backups are available for these documents.

Nextmail Backup includes the following features:
  • Set and forget backup activation for individual NextMail accounts
  • Automatic nightly backup of all Google Apps documents for all activated accounts
  • Access by the IT administrator to all backed up documents via a web interface integrated into the NextMail administration pages (look for the backup tab)
  • Backups are retained nightly for the past 31 days, weekly for the prior 31 days, and monthly for the prior 4 months
  • Full retrieval capabilities for deleted documents within the retained period
  • Only changed or newly created documents are transmitted in the nightly backup transfer
  • For the moment accounts are activated by sending an email to
The NextMail backup facility is now installed in production and ready for you to use.

Studentnet: 1st with AISI, now 1st with iCode!
In 2009, Studentnet was the first Internet Content Host(ICH) to participate in the ACMA's Australian Internet Security Initiative. Now, in 2011, Studentnet is proud to announce that we are the first ICH to formally commit to AISI's further extension: iCode. Studentnet can also announce that the Internet Industry Association (IIA) has chosen the Sempernet network infrastructure, upon which our services are based, to host the revamped iCode web site(

Studentnet has been involved in these new security and compliance initiatives in preparation for the forthcoming Cyber Security Awareness Week(30 May - 3 June, 2011).

These initiatives are all a part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of our cloud based services tailored to the needs and requirements of Australian schools.

iCode compliance now applies to all Studentnet provided cloud services including: Nextmail Collaboration, Nextsphere Learning, and Nextbase Infrastructure. Look forward for the iCode compliant seal on our Studentnet home page.

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