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28 February 2011

NextMail: Backup for your Google Apps Documents

We've been busy over the 2010 Christmas period (Remember the break? Sure goes fast!) working on new functionality for our NextMail users.

As you all know, Google Apps is a popular way for staff, administrators and teachers to create, share and collaboratively work on new and existing documents whether they be word processing, spreadsheets or presentations. Of course the school has a great deal of interest in preserving the intellectual property asset represented by this work. So IT administrators have been left with the task of ensuring that adequate off-site backups are available for these documents.

In addition, staff that are creating these assets may wish to retrieve material from a  version of their work that existed 2 weeks ago but that is not included in the latest document versions.

Given the above requirements we have been working on a backup facility for Google Apps that makes life easier for the IT administrators. Its features include:
  • Set and forget backup activation for individual NextMail accounts
  • Automatic nightly backup of all Google Apps documents for all activated accounts
  • Access by the IT administrator to all backed up documents via a web interface integrated into the NextMail administration pages (look for the backup tab)
  • Backups are retained nightly for the past 31 days, weekly for the prior 31 days, and monthly for the prior 4 months
  • Full retrieval capabilities for deleted documents within the retained period
  • Only changed or newly created documents are transmitted in the nightly backup transfer
  • For the moment accounts are activated by sending an email to
Our NextMail backup facility is now installed in production and ready for you to use.

The facility will eventually be chargeable on the basis of the amount of data retained in the backup store and the amount of data transferred to the backup store each night. There will be no charge for the amount retrieved out of the backup store.

As an introductory offer there will be no charge for using the backup facility until the end of March 2011. This gives you a chance to evaluate the full features of the facility and no cost.

Stand Up and Be Noticed: Participate in World IPv6 Day!
Well the historic day has been and gone... on February 3, 2011 the world ran out of IPv4 addresses. On that day the last available IPv4 addresses were handed out by ICANN to the world's 5 RIRs.

The next milestone will be when the first of the RIRs runs out of freely allocatable addresses from their store. The first RIR is expected to be our one(APNIC) and it is predicted to occur around August of 2011! At that point Australian ISPs will not be able to request any further IPv4 addresses from APNIC. This means ISPs will only be able to hand out IPv4 addresses from whatever stock they have already.

In the meantime, the largest (and smallest) users of the Internet are preparing for a test of the replacement Internet protocol(IPv6). This test is to occur on World IPv6 Day (June 8, 2011). It is being organised by the Internet Society(ISOC). Already participating are Google, Yahoo! and Facebook.

Studentnet has proposed to ISOC-AU, the Australian chapter of ISOC, that there be a specific education component to our local World IPv6 Day activities.

We are expecting involvement from politicians, education administrators and IT industry partners at all levels. We're asking for schools to volunteer to be a part of history. Studentnet will be providing all of the technical tools involved. We will only require a little of your time for you to participate.

This is a great chance to get some exposure for your school both locally and internationally.

Come and help us be a part of history!

Best Regards

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