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07 January 2010

2010 NextMail Accounts

It's that time of the year, one year leaves us and another joins. To make sure that you are only charged for your currently enrolled students - Studentnet needs to bring your NextMail accounts up to date to reflect the changes.

In addition, this year will be a bit more complicated than usual, as we want to migrate all school roles to support our new Single Sign On (SSO) facility - including the Quiet Inspection feature. To simplify and clarify this process, we'd like to separate the tasks out into 3 separate steps:

  1. Add your new student accounts for 2010 using our existing bulk account creation facility (NextMail Groups Management/Accounts/Bulk Account Import)

  2. Let us know which accounts are alumni accounts by sending us a CSV file of their account names. This is an important step! It ensures that your school does not get charged by us for students that have left the school. Alumni accounts will still continue to exist and function correctly but you will not be charged for them

  3. Once your account rolls are squeaky clean, we'd like to migrate your school to SSO. To do this we will need to refresh the passwords for all your accounts. Please let us know if you'd either:
    • like to supply us with a CSV of accounts and passwords or
    • if you'd like us to generate the new passwords on your behalf and then we send you a CSV file containing the accounts and resulting passwords
  4. We apologise for the added third step but it is a necessary one in order to upgrade to the new SSO facilities - including Quiet Inspection of student mail accounts

Upcoming Features - Google Messaging Services

We are pleased to announce that Studentnet will be able to provide the additional content filtering and anti-SPAM filtering features of Google Messaging Services to all NextMail schools. We are in the process of finalising this upgrade and will be able to inform you of the details in our next newsletter. In the meantime feel free to talk to us about your requirements.

As always, if you have any questions, please free to contact us at Studentnet on (02) 9281 1626 or via email to

Best Regards
The Nextmail Team

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