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November 2020

Studentnet Cloudwork V38 Release Notes

Studentnet is pleased to advise that our latest version 38 is now available for release and deployment at schools. V38 is a minor release refining the implementation and control of MFA and SSO sessions. Auditability of administrator use of Silent Inspection has also been improved benefiting fulfillment of school governance and duty of care responsibilities. Our objective with this release was to deliver promptly on a series of incremental improvements that have been suggested to us by our schools particularly as they adjust to the changing requirements imposed by the events of 2020. Please find below the V38 release notes.

V38 New Features

  • Ability for administrators to require users in certain OUs to enable MFA before accessing other services
  • Ability to control Cloudwork session length in CloudworkID Settings
  • New user control to invalidate all existing authentication cookies for a user, forcing them to re-authenticate the next time they try to access an SSO service
  • Silent Inspection now generates a random secure password
  • Administrators must now provide a reason for using Silent Inspection, that will be visible in the Admin Reports
  • Administrators can now configure Cloudwork to prompt users to change their password a number of days before the password expires
  • Administrators can now add some organisational details about the school to their metadata that may be used by service providers when configuring SSO. This feature is a precursor to better and more automated implementation of new SSO services.

V38 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Syncing that resulted in Cloudwork updating users that hadn't changed
  • Fixed: Clicking "Run Now" on a provisioning profile may not have the correct settings
  • Fixed: Sometimes super administrators were prevented from being able to assign other Admin Roles

All new implementations will be on to V38. Schools utilising V36 or V37 will be scheduled to upgrade at an agreed time. To schedule your upgrade please either lodge a support ticket or send an email to

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