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17 March 2020

Continuity Planning during the COVID-19 Crisis

For all education managers at a time of uncertainty,
Studentnet is receiving requests to urgently integrate remote learning services into existing configurations. Please feel assured we are acutely aware of the importance of continuity of our services, especially during this crisis period. Please find below information regarding our services that can be incorporated into school business management continuity plans.

  • Continuity of Staffing
    All Studentnet staff members are set up to work seamlessly from home for long or short periods. They have phone and online access to all facilities, with procedures already tested over many years. Attendance at the Studentnet office makes no difference to our service delivery. All staff members are local full time Australian employees. They are university trained graduates and have been vetted with appropriate police forces.
  • Continuity of Business
    For over two decades Studentnet has developed solutions for a clearly defined market: School Education. In Cloudwork, we provide a proven and commercially well-established product. Our highly experienced staff are noted for their strong communication skills and long-term involvement with the education community. Stability is our strength.
  • Continuity of Capacity
    Our configuration has vast amounts of redundancy and additional capacity. We recently implemented a brand-new infrastructure architecture that allows for fast and easy scale-up, with monitoring systems to predict ahead of time when we may need to expand.
  • Continuity of Infrastructure
    Studentnet services operate on our own systems in one of the largest datacentres in Australia. We keep duplicates of all hardware, so are not reliant upon external suppliers. This resilient infrastructure has been in operation, with constant upgrades, for over twenty years.

We know that you and your team are ensuring your community stays safe during this crisis. Call our office on +61 2 9281 1626 and let us know how we can help. If you have questions at all please call me on my direct mobile number: +61 2 419 421 105.

Best Regards
Kevin Karp and the Studentnet Team

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