Studentnet® Cloudburst

September 2019

Studentnet Cloudwork V34 Release Notes

Studentnet is pleased to advise that V34 has now completed internal testing and testing with our beta test school. V34 is now available to be deployed at all schools. Please find below a brief description of newly available improvements in our V34 release.

V34 New Features

  • Defence features added to minimize brute force attacks.Some of these features are:
    • Staggered logins upon 3 failed login attempts, staggered logins increased further upon 6 failed login attempts
    • Staggered logins can be cleared by waiting 15 minutes or an administrator resetting the staggered logins
    • Failed logins will be logged on Dashboard reports under User activity
  • Multifactor Authentication now prompts users after signing in, to trust the current device the user is using, the current device will now remember the user for a period of 30 days.
  • Administrators can prevent users from disabling Multifactor Authentication for themselves

V34 User Experience Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where some schools could not see the Service or Dashboard in reports
  • Link to Provisioning Report added in Sync Profile Details. The provisioning report allows users to get a report of the accounts synced for that specific Sync Profile
  • Sync Profiles can now “Suspend and mark Alumni” as an additional option for Action for deleted users
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Access New Features

If you wish to access any of these new features, your Cloudwork instance will need to be re-deployed to pick up V34. Studentnet will be progressively deploying V34 to all schools on a staged schedule. Deploying to V34 involves a brief outage of 1-2minutes during which new sign ins are not completed. Existing signed in sessions are not affected by deployment. To schedule a time for your school's instance upgrade please submit a support ticket or email your request to Looking forward to working with you through 2019 - Thank you.

Best Regards
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