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May 2018

Release of Cloudwork V2.7: PIM, Hybrid Exchange & Cloudwork ID Features

At the recent AIS ICT Managers' conference, Studentnet was excited to announce significant new features released in V2.7 of our Cloudwork identity manager. V2.7 will be progressively rolled out to schools over the next month. Feel free to prioritise implementation at your school by raising a support ticket. It includes:

Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

PIM allows school administrators to grant access and change settings for specific users and different school groups on a carefully-defined and granular basis. School administrators can define unlimited roles and delegate the roles to other administrators and teachers through the Cloudwork Dashboard defining the target accounts to which the permissions will apply as they go. PIM is available now in production for Cloudwork schools to use. This is the feedback we've received from an early adopter school:

"I've played around with the new PIM admin roles functionality ... I wanted to say that you've done a fantastic job, and it works much better than I imagined it would. I think it will suit what we have in mind perfectly – the 'additive' permissions per org unit are perfect. Thank you for your hard work!" Cameron Munro, ILT Manager, Methodist Ladies College, Claremont WA, April 2018

Outlook/O365/Hybrid Exchange

Cloudwork now provides support to use Outlook with Office365 SSO. This allows the use of Outlook when Exchange is in Hybrid mode. With this feature schools can simplify their network by removing ADFS from the process. Further schools no longer require their network to be online for signing on to hybrid Exchange. This means the school network is no longer integral to the SSO process - allowing downtime on the school's network without affecting users' ability to log in.

User Interface Improvements

Most noticeable is a new icon based visually appealing main menu structure on the Dashboard's home page. As well UI improvements have been made throughout all of the Dashboard's screens.

Cloudwork ID (CWID) Feature Set

Following the release of V2.7 we are also announcing forthcoming support for our new Cloudwork ID (CWID) feature set. This includes:

CWID Self Management

* Two Factor Authentication (2FA): In development for release in June is a complete standards compliant 2FA system. It works through your choice of 2d factor be it direct SMS, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Mobile or any other RFC6238 compliant authenticator.
* Identity Attributes: users can self-manage their password and recovery contact details.

CWID Portal

* Service Privileges: Cloudwork administrators can assign a new privilege to user at the service level. This determines if that user can sign on (or not) to an individual service.
* Service Portal: Dynamically generated portal of services to which a user has sign-on privilege.

This feature set provides significant new capabilities to school IT teams to administer their identity management architectures. These new features push Cloudwork's delivery of flexibility and control even further into the hands of school IT admins. They are particularly useful to schools with multiple campuses, and/or systems with multiple schools within their identity architectures.

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