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29 July 2014

New Features, New Partnerships, New Implementations

It's been a very busy two months since our last Cloudburst with new features under development, new partnerships being formed, and a whole bunch of new school implementations under-way. Today, there's a lot we'd like to update you on:
* Password Reset release date announced - the much requested Password Reset feature will be available end of August
* Administration Interface V2 Upgrade - a complete revamp of the Cloudwork interface for administrators
* Apple OpenDirectory and Mac client support - Client support is available now, OpenDirectory is to be released as part of the major upgrade scheduled for end of August
* AD Account Auto-Provisioning feature: We need your input
* 2015 Pricing- Great News! For seventh straight year we're holding pricing steady for Cloudwork. There will be a price rise for our 6+1 vault services. Also our Password Reset feature will be chargeable.
* Just In: Chromebook Single Sign On support from Cloudwork

Password Reset feature: *End of August delivery date*

The technical team have been busy working away and are now ending the coding phase for the password reset feature. Password Reset will be an option for customers and will require that they have upgraded to Cloudwork v2. In order to use the Password Reset feature it is also necessary to be using the Cloudwork Connect feature.

The best way to learn how the feature works is to look at the specification. which can be downloaded from

The feature requires extra data to be retained for each account in the system, primarily a mobile phone and/or an external email address for each account holder. Retaining that sensitive personal data may require schools to update their privacy policy accordingly. Please remember, all personal data is maintained within Studentnet's own data centre facilities. These are fully located at the GlobalSwitch data centre in Ultimo, Sydney. No Studentnet personal data is held outside of this facility or outside of Australia. Our facilities are audited to be to be fully compliant with PCI-DSS.

Password Reset is a much requested feature. Once installed it extends password reset capabilities to any service used at your school. We are very excited about the introduction of this much anticipated service.

Improved administration system - Cloudwork V2 Upgrade

Studentnet has commenced coding of V2 of our new administration system to replace the current V1 facility. The current administration system was introduced when Studentnet announced that we were taking schools to the cloud in 2007 - well ahead of today's popular movement. Our V1 administration facility has worked well for us since being introduced in 2008 but it is now showing its age and now needs to be upgraded with a new look and even more functionality. In particular the V2 administration interface will include:
* Greater exposure of your existing configuration
* Better logging of user activity
* Better reporting
* More documentation especially with improved implementation of both initial setup and new service providers
* More modern look and feel

Using our version 2 interface will require your school to be upgraded via our automated conversion process. We will be requiring all schools to upgrade to the new facility. There will be no additional charge for Version 2 or for the upgrade.

Apple Mac client and OpenDirectory support

Cloudwork supports Apple Mac laptops and desktops that are both operating inside your school network and those operating externally to the school network. Inside a Microsoft AD network, client Macs fully participate in single sign on to the network, applications running inside the network and cloud based services running externally to the network. When running externally to the Microsoft network, Mac clients fully participate as SSO users to all of your cloud based services and any applications hosted inside the school's network.

New to Cloudwork v2 is the ability to support Apple OpenDirectory networks in addition to Microsoft ActiveDirectory networks. This feature permits Apple based schools to receive all of the advantages of single sign on and single credential maintenance within their chosen directory environment. OpenDirectory support requires version 2 of Cloudwork. It will be available by the end of August 2014.

AD Account Auto-Provisioning feature: **Your Input is Requested**

This new feature has advanced to the point that our development is today issuing a requirements specification for its coding. We need to receive your feedback and suggestions regarding this specification before coding commences. Please download the specification from and send any feedback/suggestions to

Our programming team is aware of the urgent need for this function and is ready for immediate commencement of the development of this important new feature. Please get back to us as soon as possible.

2015 Pricing

Studentnet's last change to our pricing was 6 years ago when we reduced our prices by 70%. We are glad to report that we are keeping our core pricing constant for the seventh straight year. There will be minor price increase for our 6+1 vault products which will increase from the existing $4.50/account to $5.50/account. There will also be a charge for the Password Reset optional feature of $1.50/account.

Just In: Chromebook Single Sign On support from Cloudwork

Google have just announced the availability of new APIs allowing Cloudwork to support Single Sign On with Chrome devices including Chromebooks. The Studentnet development team is evaluating the new API set for incorporation into our standard Cloudwork functionality. As soon as the evaluation is complete this new capability will be enabled as a standard product feature.
Cloudwork support for Chromebook dramatically improves integration with other systems at your school.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions - we especially look forward to hearing your thoughts on the AD Account provisioning function. All comments appreciated.

Best Regards
The Studentnet Team

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