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19 May 2014

MITIE Conference, plus New Cloudwork Features

Once again we attended the MITIE Conference this time in Canberra and can report that it was our most successful conference to date. We received keen interest from both schools and Service Providers regarding our Cloudwork Identity Provider service and how they can benefit.

As well we received clear messages on required new features and how we can improve Cloudwork. We highly value that feedback and use it for our product planning - remember every feature that you see in the Cloudwork of today has come from suggestions made by the school user community over the past 6 years of product development. The 3 clear requests that were clearly identified for us are:

* Password Reset - schools want their users to be able to securely reset their own passwords without any intervention from the school service desk
* AD account provisioning - auto provisioning and maintenance of accounts in AD based on information coming from a variety of sources including the school's management system
* Improved documentation and administration facilities - the Cloudwork administration interface is 6 years old and needs to be modernised to provide better control and reporting options for school administrators

Studentnet is glad to report that we are making progress on each of these 3 requirements, as below.

Password Reset feature: *Your Input is Requested*

This new feature has advanced to the point that our development is today issuing a requirements specification for the coding of this new feature. We need to receive your feedback and suggestions regarding this specification before coding commences.

Please download the specification from and send any feedback/suggestions to Our programming team is aware of the urgent need for this function and is ready for immediate commencement of the development of this important new feature. Please get back to us as soon as possible.

Auto-Provisioning of user accounts in AD from your School Management System

In 2013 we invited you to help specify this feature to have it ready during the 2014 year. Studentnet has collected your feedback and will shortly be issuing the requirements specification for Auto-provisioning of accounts. We expect to release the specification prior to the end of May, 2014.

Once again your feedback is valuable to us, we will be requesting your feedback upon release of the account provisioning specification document. We look forward to continuing our program of innovation so that we can deliver better quality technical solutions at lower cost to the school education community.

Improved administration system

Studentnet has commenced coding of V2 of our new administration system to replace the current V1 facility. The current administration system was introduced when Studentnet announced that we were taking school's to the cloud in 2007 - well ahead of today's popular movement. Our V1 administration facility has worked well for us since being introduced in 2008 but it is now showing its age and now needs to be upgraded with a new look and even more functionality.

In particular the V2 administration interface will include:
* Greater exposure of your existing configuration
* Better logging of user activity
* Better reporting
* More documentation especially with improved implementation of both initial setup and new service providers
* More modern look and feel
Thanks in advance for any suggestions - we especially look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Password Reset function. All comments appreciated.

Best Regards
The Studentnet Team

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