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09 December 2013

Cloudwork® Supports Scootle plus More New SSO Services

It's a while since you've heard from us. We have been busy working hard to improve Cloudwork for you. We've been developing, and testing, implementing in more and more schools.

Our efforts have resulted in:
* great new support for Scootle - the Australian government's Scootle learning resource specifically designed for Australia teachers
* widening the scope of support for service providers compatible with single sign on
* gathering requirement for an identity management facility to auto provision and maintain user accounts in your AD based on data in your management system

Plus we're looking to build exciting new AD account maintenance functionality in 2014. We're looking for your input to make it the best possible way to maintain accounts in your school's AD.

Cloudwork® Single Sign On support for Scootle

Studentnet has been working with Education Services Australia to integrate ESA's Scootle teaching resource portal into Cloudwork. This means once Scootle support has been enabled for your school, Scootle is a fully integrated resource available to all of your teachers (Scootle is not available to students).

Quoting from the Scootle website: "Scootle is a content discovery portal containing more than 20,000 teaching resources. It includes features that support teachers to organise digital content and lessons. Teachers in all states and territories... have access to Scootle, Scootle Community and Language Learning Space."

All teachers at enabled schools using the Cloudwork identity management service are already registered with Scootle, using their existing credentials, with true single sign on in operation. Once a teacher has signed into any of their existing Cloudwork services at their school they are also signed into Scootle without any further interaction required.

Cloudwork® Single Sign On to more and more services

Studentnet has been working closely with many developers of school management systems, portal systems, learning management systems, library systems, and e-text book publishers to ensure that you a smooth single sign on experience for your school users. Systems that we've successfully integrated with Cloudwork include:
* iWise
* iGloo
* School Online Booking System (SOBS)

Watch out for:
* Edumate
* Destiny
* EzyProxy and many more

Your Input is Requested for a new Cloudwork Feature: Auto-Provisioning of user accounts in AD from your School Management System

We'd like to invite you to help us build an even better Cloudwork for 2014. As part of our Cloudwork product development program, Studentnet is building a new feature to auto-provision user accounts in AD from the user data maintained in your school management system.

We'd like to receive your input regarding the features and mode of operation of this new feature. We are planning to hold a Webinar on Thursday morning of next week (19/12/13) to gather your thoughts and wish list for such a feature. We'll send out further details early next week.

To get the ball rolling, please find this list of suggested features for the AD accounts Auto-Provisioning feature:
* Auto-extraction of user data from school management system via SIF, LISS, XML Feed, SOAP, SIS API etc
* Manual extraction of class data via csv, XML file etc
* Support for commonly deployed School Management Systems (Edumate, iWise, Synergetic etc)
* Auto-collection of class data for incorporation into Groups
* Support for AD Groups and others
* Security considerations for auto-collection process
* Privacy considerations for auto-collection process
* Auditability of auto-collection process
* Confirmation of Completion
* Reporting
* Backup and reversion options

We look forward to continuing our program of innovation so that we can deliver better quality technical solutions at lower cost to the school education community.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. All comments appreciated.

Best Regards
The Studentnet Team

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