08 June 2011

WORLD IPv6 DAY - Best School Day Ever!

"Best day of school ever!" - That was the reaction of students from Wollondilly Anglican College to their participation in World IPv6 Day activities organised by Studentnet.

The special test of IPv6 based facilities consisted of two school classes, one high school, one primary school - being given the challenge to 'break the Internet' on World IPv6 Day using Studentnet's IPv6 based Nextmail Collaboration accounts.

Participating schools were Waverley College and Wollondilly Anglican College.

Students from each school were given access to the the IPv6 Internet courtesy of IPv6Now, even though the schools' current infrastructure only supports IPv4, together with a structured experience of the Internet of the future, based on IPv6.

"Students responded spontaneously and enthusiastically", said Kevin Karp, MD of Studentnet, "and they were asked to report their experience on a globally accessible database reporting user experiences".

Both groups of students started with a major search engine and found that they were routed to a chinese language version of the popular site.

"This is an example of the type of unintended user experience that we were hoping to uncover", said Kevin Karp. "It will begin the process of refining the functioning of the next generation of the Internet. These students have made a measurable contribution to the version of the Internet that they will predominantly use during their lifetimes. As well, they have personally benefited in their own understanding of the workings of the Internet."

"The successful Australian test of IPv6 " the next generation of Internet Protocol " has cleared the way for full implementation", said Narelle Clark, Vice President of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) and coordinator of Australia's activities.

Over the past 3 years Studentnet® has deployed IPv6 based Collaboration accounts to over 11,000 Australian school students positioning them on the forefront of Internet development.

"These accounts provide very real, tangible benefits to the teachers and administrators of school computer networks. These include improved abilities to audit and trace network activities " especially useful when managing occurrences of cyber-bullying and other untoward activity.", said Kevin Karp.

For more information about World IPv6 Day, a complete list of participants, information about how to get involved, links to useful information for users, and a real-time dashboard, visit: or the global site

About the need for IPv6
IPv4 has approximately four billion IP addresses (the sequence of numbers assigned to each Internet-connected device). The explosion in the number of people, devices and web services on the Internet means that IPv4 is running out of space. IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol, which provides over four billion times more space, will connect the billions of people not connected today and will help ensure the Internet can continue its current growth rate.

About Studentnet®
Studentnet® has been assisting schools with leading edge network technology solutions since 1996. It is committed to serving the Australian education community with quality computing services customised to their unique needs. See

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8 June 2011

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