Studentnet provides identity management specifically for education through the advanced Cloudwork® system, widely recognised for its focus on security, privacy, and remote learning. Discover Cloudwork® here.

Latest Studentnet Webinar

  • 03 Mar 2021: Cloudwork V39 and Adobe - session on simplifying user identity management in Adobe with Cloudwork V39.

Message from Studentnet MD re Covid-19 Situation

For Education Managers

For years Studentnet has integrated remote learning services into education configurations. Please be assured we are acutely aware of the importance of continuity, especially during this crisis period.
  • Continuity of Staffing

    All staff members are set up to work seamlessly from home for long or short periods. They have phone and online access to all facilities, with procedures tested over many years. Attendance at the Studentnet office makes no difference to our service delivery.
  • Continuity of Business

    Over two decades we have developed solutions for a clearly defined market. We provide a proven, commercially established product, while our highly experienced staff are noted for their strong communication skills and long-term involvement with the education community. Stability is our strength.

For Technical Staff

Studentnet can quickly add long-distance learning facilities to your Cloudwork services, such as Zoom, EdSmart, Canvas, Schoolbox, Microsoft Team, Google Classroom and Google Hangouts.
  • Continuity of Capacity

    Our configuration has vast amounts of redundancy and additional capacity. We recently implemented a brand-new infrastructure architecture that allows for fast and easy scale-up, with monitoring systems to predict ahead of time when we may need to expand.
  • Continuity of Infrastructure

    Studentnet services operate on our own systems in one of the largest datacentres in Australia. We keep duplicates of all hardware, so are not reliant upon external suppliers. This resilient infrastructure has been in operation, with constant upgrades, for over twenty years.

To discuss further please call us on +61 2 9281 1626, or email

Why Use Studentnet Cloudwork?

Cloudwork Delivers Optimised Student Achievement
Cloudwork gives families peace-of-mind by protecting students' hard work. Online access to student assignments and results is:
  • professionally safeguarded
  • always secure, private and monitored
  • carefully logged and legally auditable

Cloudwork Stakes Your Claim in the New Digital World
Gain the early-mover credibility of Cloudwork identity branding. Transfer your hard-won educational reputation to the digital world, and:
  • proclaim your unique identity
  • demonstrate community commitment
  • show compliance with local requirements

Cloudwork Delivers Integrated Management of IT Services
Cloudwork provides seamless access to a vast range of applications through synchronised identity data. It provides:
  • Fast support for specific school needs
  • International standards for securing data
  • Automated resources controlled by IT staff

“You do an amazing job. Thank you all for your amazing support.” The Armidale School
“To quickly get ready for remote classes, we purchased Zoom licensing and set up SSO through Cloudwork. Just wanted to let you know that Cloudwork instructions and resources made it a smooth process. Congrats.” Kambala
“Cloudwork cannot be beaten in terms of customer service and system operability. Support is great and integration with new systems is very quick.” Ascham School
“I just wanted to express my thanks for all the good work you and your team have done recently. Keep up the good work.” Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Melbourne
“I wanted to say that you've done a fantastic job, and it works much better than I imagined it would. It will suit what we have in mind perfectly. Thank you for your hard work!” Methodist Ladies College, WA
“ Studentnet's implementation process has been one of the best I've experienced and their technical staff a pleasure to deal with - knowledgeable, collaborative, friendly and talented.” St Patrick’s College
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Cloudwork Integrated Services

Cloudwork provides automated access to an enormous range of well-known educational applications, supported across mobiles, tablets and laptops. We are always adding new services, so if you don't see your favourite here, please ask us for it.

✓Adobe Cloud   ✓Access-It   ✓Alfresco   ✓Assetware   ✓Atlassian Cloud   ✓Atomic Learning   ✓BlackBoard   ✓Box of Books   ✓BusMinder   ✓Campion Education   ✓Canvas   ✓CareMonkey   ✓CDF   ✓CiteMaker   ✓ClickView   ✓CompliSpace   ✓Consent2Go   ✓Custom Service   ✓Destiny   ✓Digistorm   ✓DNN Software   ✓DreamCatcher   ✓Dropbox   ✓Drupal   ✓Ebsco   ✓Edquire   ✓EdPotential   ✓EdSmart   ✓Edublogs   ✓Education Perfect   ✓Edumate   ✓Edval   ✓Elcom   ✓EMS360   ✓Encyclopedia Britannica   ✓EnhanceTV   ✓EnrolHQ   ✓eTV   ✓EZproxy   ✓Firefly   ✓Freshdesk   ✓Google Apps for Education   ✓Grok Learning   ✓igloo   ✓Infiniti   ✓Intelledox   ✓iWise   ✓Jac Plus/Jacaranda   ✓Joomla   ✓JSTOR   ✓KnowledgeNET   ✓Koha and Koha for Schools   ✓Literatu   ✓Mahara   ✓MediusFlow   ✓Microsoft Office 365   ✓Moodle   ✓My EDiary   ✓MyClasses   ✓MyPortfolio   ✓My Student Account   ✓Oliver   ✓Operoo   ✓Papercut   ✓Parent Paperwork   ✓PC School   ✓pixevety   ✓Rubicon Atlas   ✓Saasyan   ✓Schoolbox   ✓School Power   ✓Scootle   ✓Sentral Education   ✓SEQTA   ✓SOBS   ✓Spider   ✓Spike@School   ✓Symfony PHP Platform   ✓Synergetic Community Portal   ✓Synweb   ✓Tableau   ✓TASS   ✓Totara   ✓TrackOne   ✓Verkada   ✓Verso App Learning   ✓Vivi   ✓WebHelpDesk   ✓Wheelers   ✓Wikispaces   ✓WordPress   ✓XML upload   ✓Zendesk   ✓Zoom  

Cloudwork In Action

Cloudwork is used by thousands of students at independent schools across Australia, including:

Ascham School
St Ritas
St Augustines
Trinity Lismore
St Aloysius
Toorak College
St Lukes Qld
Trinity Grammar
St Bernards College
Kesser Torah College
Canberra Grammar
SCEGGS Darlinghurst
Lowther Hall Anglican
Wahroonga Prep
Barker College
Canberra Girls Grammar
Penrhos College WA
St Lukes Anglican NSW
Methodist Ladies College, WA
International Grammar School
Presbyterian Ladies College, Vic
St Andrews Cathedral School
Presbyterian Ladies College, NSW
Mount Sinai College

How Can We Help?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any aspect of our services that interest you. We tailor our products specifically for a wide range of school requirements.

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