Latest News

24 Jul 2019: Studentnet's infrastructure upgrade is currently in progress and will conclude over the next week or so.

18 Sep 2018: Studentnet has created an innovative SSO bridge for VINE, the Victorian ICT Network for Education, to allow SSO between currently incompatible Wild Apricot and Discourse software. See the response from VINE.

06 Sep 2018: NT Lan Manager (NTLM) authentication is currently being abused to harvest user credentials, so CERT Australia has prepared a list of recommendations for techniques to mitigate NTLM abuse.

26 Apr 2018 – See our new printable Guide to Identity Access Management, with everything you need to know about IAM.

15 Feb 2018 – Notifiable Data Breaches: On 22 February 2018, a new Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme will come into force. Find out more here and provide us with the details of your school's privacy contact person.

What is PIM?

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) provides oversight of private accounts. PIM users are able to access the admin backend of a system and delete data or change settings. School administrators can gain unlimited PIM role flexibility through the Cloudwork Dashboard, which allows them to grant access and change settings for specific users and different school groups on a carefully-defined and granular basis.

"I've played around with the new PIM admin roles functionality ... I wanted to say that you've done a fantastic job, and it works much better than I imagined it would. I think it will suit what we have in mind perfectly – the 'additive' permissions per org unit are perfect. Thank you for your hard work!" Cameron Munro, ILT Manager, Methodist Ladies College, Claremont WA, April 2018

Community Parents Privacy Services

Welcome to Cloudwork

Cloudwork is an automated system of identity access management which securely integrates most standard education applications. Privacy has always been a priority in Cloudwork's design, so it helps schools meet their privacy obligations from the ground up. Cloudwork also enhances school communities, with features to benefit all aspects of school life for students, parents, teachers, and IT staff.
  • Cloudwork displays the school's own branding rather than a provider's.
  • Accounts for parents are easily set up and managed separately.
  • Single sign-on access to education apps makes student learning simpler.
  • Network updates are automated, but still remain under IT staff control.