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February 2016

Studentnet welcomes all of our client schools to the new 2016 academic year with new features and new services being supported. Our themes for 2016 are going to be ...
  • Firstly to give you more control over managing your community identities through improvements to your Cloudwork dashboard - this has already started with the new reporting capabilities that we introduced late in 2015, and
  • Secondly, to improve our communications with our entire community of schools. Again this has already started with the establishment of a new blog facility at
Just as an aside did you know that there are now over 78,000 active accounts being supported by Cloudwork. According to ABS figures, this represents over 9% of all staff and students in Australian independent schools!

Edumate Single Sign On - it's here!

We are very excited to report that Hobsons have now released support for SSO in Edumate's new 5.1 update version released in January. The Cloudwork technical team have been beta testing this new capability with the Hobsons' development team and a volunteer initial target school. There is still some work to do in the areas of generation of the meta data and in implementing Single Log Out. We are pleased to report that we are expecting great progress to be made in completing that work so stay tuned.

To enable Edumate SSO, simply open your Cloudwork dashboard and navigate through:
Cloudwork dashboard > Services > Single Sign On > Request New Services > Other Services/Edumate.
For now this will initiate a manual process. However, down the track, we are optimistic that we will be able to fully automate this process, so giving school IT administrators complete control through the dashboard.

Password Reset new feature

The password reset function now has a new capability: Users that are already signed in through Cloudwork can now change their password after they have signed in. As they have already passed the authentication test this form of password reset does not require a code to be generated and sent out to the user via either SMS or email.

Reduce your chargeable accounts - mark your alumni

Studentnet is keen that your school maximises the value received from its Cloudwork subscription. Of course we can do that by constantly improving the product with new features and by making it more usable with more services. But as well you can help out by reducing the cost of your subscription by marking graduating students from year 2015 as 2016's alumni, so converting term to non-chargeable accounts.

We've used our new blog facility to detail exactly how you can convert those graduating students to your school's alumni.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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